Environmental Foundation


Megalia Foundation

Megalia Environmental Foundation is a non political and no-profit organization founded at the dawnings of the third millenium, thanks of the initiative of Labi family, with office in Naples.

Following the death of the founder Ing. Adolfo Eric Labi, the Board of Directors appointed Dr. Marina Labi as the new President.

Others branch offices shall be costituted both in Italy and abroad with a view to promoting the net of national and international relations necessary to foster the activities of the Foundation.

In order to accomplish its objectives the Megalia Foundation shall undertake the following functions:

  • promote and organize courses and training activities adresses to the qualification of the human resources operating in areas relevant to the objectives of the Foundation;
  • awards prizes and scholarships and sign contracts of research in order to become a meeting and reference point both in Italy and abroad for people operating in the fields of operation of the Foundation;

  • finance studies and researches;
  • edit the results of its own studies and researches;
  • promote meetings and conferences in cooperation with scientific, cultural and educational institutions both in Italy and abroad in order to facilitate the activities of the Foundations;
  • encourage, including bygranting subsides, the development of institutions, associations and organizations that operate in the same areas as the Foundations or such that can help it to reach its goal.